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If your business depends on working with experienced suppliers who supply you with the right equipment from the right brands at the right time than you’re in the right place. 
With a combined experience of over 75 years in the oil and gas industry working with cross border, global brands, at FCMK we know how important trusted relationships are. We also understand that if you need something ‘now’; ‘now’ means ‘now’. We have forged strong connections with the industry leaders as well as the upcoming challenger brands to create a network of logistical partners than can support your fast-paced organisation efficiently.
At FCMK we understand the importance of offering technical insight and choice to be able provide the right solutions for your business requirements. From supplying fleets of trucks and heavy wheel loaders to small rubber seals in millions of quantities, our sourcing stamina is unparalleled. We welcome new relationships from both sides of the fence to be able to build long-standing client and supplier relationships.

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FCMK International Ltd, Suite 1, 141 Balzan Valley, Balzan, BZN 1404, Malta

Telephone +356 77114148
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